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As a developer of biocontrol and bionutrition solutions for agriculture, Agrauxine mandated BTI Consulting to prepare a US market study for its product targeting esca-affected vineyards.

As an Italian cheese producer, Argiolas mandated BTI Consulting to identify, approach and organize meetings with specialty foods distributors in the US market.

As a producer of sugar cane juice drinks based in Guadeloupe, Kanasao mandated BTI Consulting to approach leading US retailers and to manage its sales development efforts.

As an Italian producer of high-end sparkling water and sodas, Smeraldina mandated BTI Consulting to prepare a strategic plan to enter the US market, to finalize sales support documents and to approach potential distributors and retailers for its lines.

As a producer of dry, chilled and frozen foods, Tipiak mandated BTI Consulting to prepare a North America market study for its line of frozen desserts in foodservice distribution.

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