Marketing Localization

We will review all of your existing marketing tools: general brochures, product descriptions, case studies, website, etc. Doing business in the US and Canada requires the use of localized content for sales and promotion. North American companies and individuals expect to receive messages based on benefits they can draw from a product or service. We will adapt your existing tools and/or create new tools to appeal to US and Canadian customers. We can also provide you with an aggressive marketing and public relations plan for your new audience, utilizing traditional marketing tools as well as trade show planning, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media tools.


Market Research and Commercial Feasibility Analysis

We will provide a complete analysis of the desired market including trends, competition, distribution options and regulatory obligations in order to identify and quantify business opportunities for your company. Market research will include a SWOT analysis and will provide quantifiable conclusions on the feasibility of market entry, the time needed to penetrate the market and profit, as well as competitive measures of success. We will also utilize our diverse range of contacts in a number of different industries to gain insight and feedback in order to cross-reference our research and reinforce confidence in our results. Our research is truly exhaustive in nature.


Regulatory Assistance

We act as your local agent with regulatory agencies (FDA, USDA, etc.).  We will also introduce you to the appropriate service firms to ensure all legal and logistical issues are addressed (incorporation, accounting, etc.).


Sales Strategy

As you formulate your sales strategy for your new market, we help you answer the following questions:
● To what problem does your product or service offer a solution?
● What is different, superior or revolutionary about your products when compared to your competition?
● Who are your potential clients?
● How do you plan to reach your potential clients?
● What improvements do you offer to your potential clients?
● What messages can you send to each of your targets?
Once these questions are answered, we identify and interview potential clients and sales partners (distributors, agents, importers, etc.). Based on their feedback and yours, we can organize sales development trips or trade show participation, including all logistical aspects. Should the client require assistance, we can attend meetings as facilitators and cultural liaisons. Our attendance at meetings demonstrates a US presence, which US companies look upon favorably.


Business Partner Search

At Ouino Consulting, we consider ourselves master networkers, constantly exchanging ideas and information with industry leaders in a variety of fields. We are comprised of a diverse team who will work to research and cultivate contacts in your industry to get you the right meetings with the right people. Since our goal is always to meet all the needs of our client, we will provide the you a list of pre-qualified leads before requesting meetings to make sure that the meetings we receive are always in line with the clients objectives. If requested, we can also provide the client with 25% of the pre-qualified leads a few days into the project for their review. This allows the client the opportunity to change direction early on. Some clients are more hands on; others prefer to be less involved. We are happy to work to meet the requests of the organization.


Sales Development

We identify and interview potential clients and sales partners (distributors, agents, importers, etc.).  Based on their feedback we will organize sales development trips (trade shows, meetings with potential clients or partners) and perform all sales management and follow-ups with your new clients.


Follow Up Sales Development and Local Presence

Following sales or partner meetings, trade shows, or prospection, Ouino can perform all sales management and follow-ups with your new clients. We will create a database for you and report monthly to you on new developments and current projects.
Should a company be interested, we can also help you set up your US representative office or subsidiary and hire local employees. We can manage your US office and employees and report to your management in real time. If you are not yet ready for this step, you can utilize our office (address and phone number) in Houston’s Midtown as your base of operations for North America. All our clients have seen a noticeable improvement in their relationship with US companies once they showed a physical presence in the country.